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Inshallah was originally a simple beach home built in the 1920’s. It was one of the first houses to be built along Diani Beach and therefore has quite some history. The property is scattered with indigenous plant species, as well as giant 1,000 year-old Baobab trees, coconut palms and flamboyant trees. It is also home to a number of different species of wildlife including the rare and endangered Colobus Monkeys, Black & White Hornbills, Drongos and Hadada Ibis birds.

Inshallah is without question one of the most stunning and luxurious beach properties in Diani.  It has since been converted into a stunning holiday haven. The 2 acre prime beach plot over looks one of the best beaches in the world and consists of 3 varying accommodation options; Azhari Beach Suite, Inshallah Beach Cottage and Melia Suite. The original Swahili / Arab influence with a modern twist makes this beach property unique in many ways. Scroll down and indulge, explore and discover ...

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