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Inshallah is unquestionably one of Kenya’s most charismatic, private beach properties. There are some places that cannot be defined by an ordinary sense of time or words; they are blessed, pure and timeless. 

Inshallah (if Allah wills : God willing), as its Arab name suggests fits into this rare and cherished category.

This beautiful and exquisite retreat includes the Beach Villa, the Inshallah Cottage and for the ultimate experience our gem, the Azhari Beach Suite. 

IMG_3806 ph Rosalia Filippetti.jpg

A true find. Super impressed with the whole experience at Inshallah, one of the best places to stay at in Diani.

Inshallah is the perfect getaway to relax and reflect, indulge in fine cuisine and enjoy stunning views on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  Heaven on earth, rare gem, exquisite and full of character throughout the property are just but a few of our guests comments about this magical place. 

The tropical 2.5 acre gardens are comprised of predominantly indigenous species, as well as giant 1,000

year-old Baobab trees, coconut palms and flamboyant trees which are complimented with a sweeping lawn to a private beach wood henge and fire place.

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