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Garden &  Wildlife

The Inshallah beach front garden is proudly home to a large variety of flora and fauna. Stunning species of trees, palms, shrubs and succulents. You can’t imagine a better place to spot and enjoy the playful life of the beautiful and cheeky Vervet and Sykes Monkeys with an occasional visit of a chunky Baboon. They can keep you busy all day. The unique white and black Angolan Colobus swings daily through the canopy of our large Baobab trees and leaves one in awe of their incredible beauty.


Inshallah is also a bird viewers paradise with sightings of the green flanked Hadada Ibis,

Lilac-breasted Roller, Black and White Casqued Hornbill, Superb Starling, Common Bulbul, Ruppell’s Robin Chat and many more.


At night the super cute Bush Babies come out of their relaxing day snooze and call each other with their clear voice, which one can describe as a loud laughter or a plaintive cry.  And of course not to forget the Red Bush Squirrels, which will always peak out here and there in their shining red coat and bushy tail. The property is also home to 2 friendly dogs and 1 extremely sassy cat.


Inshallah’s extended garden flora is most beautiful and offers a great variety of tropical palms such as Fishtail, Coconut, Golden, Spindel, Traveller, Pemba and Christmas Palm to name just a few.

The majestic 1000-year-old giant Baobab trees are breathtaking and fill the garden with a calm sense of energy. A great big hug is a must during your stay with us.


Other species found (and many more) include Indian Teak, the colourful Flamboyant, Mango, Tamarind, Causarina, Neem, Yasmin, Hibiscus and Aloe Vera.

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